About us


The law firm of Tuchman, Weiss, Liebman & Lindemann, LLP, has a long and storied history. The firm traces its roots to 1949 when the law firm of Holtz & Schrier was formed and moved into 6 East 45th Street in Manhattan. Now more than 60 years later, the successor to that firm is still practicing law at the same address, something no other law firm in Manhattan can claim. In the 1950’s the firm established its reputation as one of the preeminent firms in the field of real estate tax certiorari.

In 1959, the firm was reconstituted as Schrier, Kaufman, Schwartz & Gelles with the new partnership of Hy Schrier, Bernard Kaufman, Howard Schwartz and Walter Gelles.  Paul Korngold, joined the firm as an associate upon his graduation from law school in 1976, while partner Bert Tuchman joined in 1981 when his previous firm of Hetkin, Barshay & Tuchman was dissolved due to the death and retirement of his partners.  The firm was then renamed as Kaufman, Tuchman, Schwartz & Gelles and two years later Paul Korngold’s name was added.  As new partners and associates were added, the firm branched out beyond real estate tax certiorari matters, at first adding J-51 and MCI applications and then expanded into all fields of New York City real estate matters.

In 1991 Nathaniel Katz joined as a partner and the firm was reconstituted as Tuchman, Katz, Schwartz, Gelles & Korngold. After Nathaniel Katz died and Howard Schwartz retired, partner Eric Weiss joined the firm which was renamed Tuchman, Katz, Schwartz, Gelles, Korngold & Weiss.  In 2013 Donald Liebman left Proskauer Rose, LLP to become a partner and the firm was renamed to Tuchman Korngold Weiss Liebman & Gelles, LLP.  Upon the retirement of Eric Weiss, Eric Lindemann a long time real estate tax certiorari lawyer joined the firm it was was renamed to Tuchman, Korngold, Weiss, Liebman & Lindemann, LLP.  Paul Korngold became Of Counsel to the firm in 2021.  Today, the firm is known as Tuchman, Weiss, Liebman & Lindemann, LLP.

With its strong roots in New York City Real Estate tax certiorari and exemption/abatement matters, the firm continues its concentration in this field while adding many years of experience in other real estate issues exclusive to the City of New York.